PVA Chamois Cloth

  • Item Number: C1-45
  • QTY/CTN: 120/200 PCS
  • Color: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and etc.
  • Application: Beauty Care, Pets Clean, Car Clean, Glass Clean, Baby Towel, Household Electricity and etc.
  • Size: M: 43*32*0.2CM L: 66*43*0.2CM
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PVA Chamois Cloth

THIS® Pva Chamois Cloth  that sets it apart from any other towel in the world is that is constructed using PVA material, wheat starch, and cotton mesh. It is this design and integration of materials that produce the best drying, soft, and most innovative towel in years. 

Why Buy This Product?

  • Strong Decontamination. Gently wipe to remove grease and easily remove stubborn stains.
  • Dry quickly. After use,it is easy to air dry,bacteria are difficult to breed and the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth is achieved.
  • Strong water absorption. Far water absorption and rapid expansion.

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